Its autotune but not as we know it:  Provocations for time-based media in education

Musée d’Orsay Clock, Paris. Photography: Andrew Denton

Call for symposium participation. Its autotune but not as we know it:  Provocations for time-based media in education

Association for Visual Pedagogies Online Symposium August 26th 2022, 12noon to 3 pm NZST.

School of Art and Design and Education at AUT: Online Event

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The intersections of media and time have changed and will change, education. From every audio-visual conferencing session to every online video clip and every cinematic affect. In the study of visual pedagogies, we might stop and take note of the aesthetics of these intersections, that are always around and always meditating when in a pandemic and when not.

In this timely symposium, we explore provocations for education evident in the applications and aspirations for time-based media. How do media shape the experience of time in education, and how might questions and lessons concerning time offer ideas for the future of media (and the study of media) in education? While all media may be theorised as time-based, in this symposium, we invite participants to play with the very idea of time-based media as a provocation for education. The analogy of autotune provides the symposium with a model. The example of autotune reveals how the industry has experienced the affects of technological disruption. In the case of autotune, artists recognise new aesthetics, producers recognise new time-saving potential, and managers recognise a flattening of the qualities required to succeed as a performer. In education, the autotune example offers a model for considering the different applications of time-based media that we tentatively frame here as: Affect; Performativity; Equality. 

The participatory symposium format begins with a panel to offer keynotes and then a succession of participant-initiated provocations (each no longer than 10 minutes).

Provocations are invited that engage with questions concerning time, media and education through themes including (but not limited to):

  • The colonisation and decolonisation of time and/or media in and for education
  • Personal and shared experiences of time and/or media in education
  • Pedagogical experimentations with media and/or time
  • Time, media and education explored through art and design
  • Drawing media affects into contemplations
  • Mediated places; spaces; ecologies
  • Philosophies of time and media and their functions as philosophies of education
  • The politics of time and/or media in education
  • Educational research of and with time and/or media

Presentations consisting entirely or mainly of visual art and design work are welcome.

The provocations will be collated to form the basis of a shared publication. For more information and a link to the event, please contact Andrew Gibbons ( and Andrew Denton (

Zoom link:

The symposium will be recorded and hosted on the Association for Visual Pedagogy website.

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