Silvia Kostandini Ziu

A Rock with Lots of Holes

A Rock with Lots of Holes is a spatial design research inquiry into place-making. In this work, Silvia Kostandini Ziu  investigates a volcanic material imaginary to produce a public space Scoria Ground along the coast of Takapuna, Auckland.



The exhibition showcases a volcanic narrative where the igneous rock is used as a prompt for images, texture, and spaces. The dialogue between holes, voids, and volcanic materials translates into a series of surface conditions that re-establish a volcanic narrative in Takapuna. The landscape and its moments of uncertainty are replaced with the dwelling condition that recalls the volcanic landscape and what it is like to inhabit unstable grounds.

Our surroundings shape a sense of identity, and the interactions with spaces begin to define our experience in the city. In an imaginative engagement with the volcanic rock, this research explores abstract and tangible ways to unfold a narrative of matter. Engaging with geographical, cultural, and social aspects that define the scoriaceous element and its connection to the Tāmaki Makaurau volcanic landscape, this project proposes a public refurbishment that engages with the volcano and shapes a public space that offers a new way for people to see each other collectively.


Centre for Design Research
Te Kura Toi a Hoahoa
School of Art and Design

Te Wānanga Aronui o Tāmaki Makau Rau,
Auckland University of Technology


Susan Hedges
Mandy Smith

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